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Privacy Policy

In a nutshell (TL;Dr) : We will never sell, rent or share your email address and personal details.

Subscribers: When you subscribe you are asked for your name and email. This information is kept private. SoftwareJourney will not share or sell your information to advertisers.

Right now MailChimp is being used for our email lists. MailChimp is a reputable company which handles mailing lists. Should the the email service provider ever change your privacy will still be our top priority. This page will then be updated to reflect the new service provider. You can see the MailChimp privacy policy at their website.

Cookies: This blog may store cookies on your PC or Device. The cookies are aimed at improving user experience and our services. Your personal details are not shared or sold to advertisers.

Monetization: At some point this blog will be monetized (such as adverts and affiliate links). This will be necessarily to keep the blog going and ensure it’s self sustainable. Affiliate links will only be chosen for products that SoftwareJourney has tested or can truly recommend.