How to make the move to Linux in 5 easy steps

Linux proves to be a reliable operating system and provides a certain degree of cost-savings for students, small businesses, and start-ups.

Moving to Linux is easier than you think. Here are 5 steps to make the move as smooth as possible.

  1. Identify your needs
    Linux comes in many flavors called distributions. Choosing a Linux distribution is probably the hardest part of moving to Linux.
    By listing all your needs, you’ll be able to quickly see which Linux distribution is best suited for you. However, you are always still free to try out others should you change your mind.
    Needs you might want to consider includes the type of work you do on your PC, what programs you will need as well as the type of support you require.
  2. Check your Hardware
    Check what you currently have, this will allow you to choose a Linux distribution that will bring new life to your hardware. This step applies mostly to low-spec or older hardware.
  3. Test drive the software packages on your existing Windows/Mac PC
    It is also a good idea to look up if there are Linux alternatives to programs that you use often. Many open source programs that run on Linux also runs on Windows & Apple computers.
    This means you’ll get to use these programs and get used to them before even switching to Linux. This also allows you to take baby steps into the Open-Source world.
    If you can’t find any Open-Source alternatives to the programs you use then you can also try running favorite programs using WINE, play-on-Linux or virtualization software (which allows you to run a complete OS such as Linux or Windows within a virtual machine).
  4. Load the Live CD
    Download the live CD from the Linux distribution’s website and burn it to a Disk or load it on a flash drive. This is an important step, the live CD or flash drive (pen drive) will allow you to run Linux without making any changes to your current system (in other words, nothing gets installed yet).
    This allows you to get comfortable with Linux without needing to install it first. This also gives you the freedom to change your mind and go back to your previous set-up without any changes made to your PC.With the Live CD loaded, you may want to check for the following:

    • Hardware compatibility: Is your monitor, Wi-Fi card, sound, mouse and keyboard working properly?
    • Look and feel: Are you easily able to navigate the menus and open apps. Are you happy with the desktop environment? Although this can easily be changed it is more convenient if the distro has a desktop environment that you are happy with from the start.
    • Internet connectivity: was your distro able to connect to your local network and were you able connect to the internet.
  5. Install
    If you are happy with your distribution, you are ready for installation. Most Live CDs allow you to install from within the Linux distribution. Most beginner-friendly distributions are super-easy to install.


That’s all there is to it. Hopefully, these 5 easy steps will make your move to Linux smoother and easier. Are you using Linux? Do you have any tips when moving to Linux? Feel free to share in the comments below.


(Featured image Credit: cdooginz )

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