About Software Journey

Why should I care?

“Free tools & resources to help your business or Start-Up grow”

SoftwareJourney aims to be your one-stop directory and blog to provide you with all the resources and tools to grow your StartUp, small or medium-sized business.

Your first stop will be our resource page, where you’ll find hundreds of free tools to help grow your business. I hope to eventually grow this directory into the largest of it’s kind.

The second stop is the blog, right now there’s not much but in future we’ll be updating it with in-depth articles, guides & software reviews.


Who’s writing all this stuff anyway?

Definition of Trekker from thefreedictionary.com:

A traveler who makes a long arduous journey

Travelling across the internet to discover useful tools, apps and resources can at times be a slow, arduous journey. Hence, the name  I have chosen for myself: The AppTrekker.

A little bit about me: I’m an university student who lives in South Africa. Right now I’m a bit “internet shy” and hence I have used an alias (for now).

A little bit about my country:  If you’re expecting to see lions roaming around in our backyards or elephants giving us free car washes you’ll be disappointed (but we do keep them in nature reserves).

I want the latest!

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