10 Must know keyboard shortcuts anyone can use

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to do common tasks much more quickly and efficiently. Here are 10 shortcuts that is easy enough for anyone to use:

How do the shortcuts work?

The keyboard shortcuts are presented using square brackets [] and correlate to the keys on your keyboard. For example for [Ctrl+C] it will require you to hold down the control key on your keyboard and then press the [C] key.

These shortcuts should work across most versions of Windows from XP to Windows 10. New Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts has been excluded from this list.

 Basic keyboard Shortcuts

These shortcuts work in many programs including the file explorer.

1. Copy                   [Ctrl+C]

When you need to copy either a file or text this is the shortcut to use. This is usually used in combination with the “Paste” shortcut.

2. Cut                      [Ctrl+X]

For moving files, text or pictures use this shortcut followed by the “paste” shortcut below.

3. Paste                   [Ctrl+V]

After using “Copy” or “Cut” use this shortcut to place the file or text where you’d like it to go.

4. Save                    [Ctrl+S]

In most programs this shortcut allows you to save your current work. In newer internet browsers it saves the current web page.

5. Find/Search        [Ctrl+F]

This works in Windows Explorer, Internet Browsers and office programs (such as Microsoft Office, Libre Office, Open Office).  This shortcut searches for files, folders or text depending on the current program you are in.

6. Print                    [Ctrl+P]

This allows you to print your work or the web-page you are browsing.

7. Close Program   [Alt+F4]

This closes the active program you are currently in. When you are in the Desktop, this opens up the “shutdown” dialogue where you can either switch off or restart your computer. Tin windows 8 this also closes apps.

System shortcuts

These shortcuts are Windows system shortcuts and do not affect any other programs opened within windows.

8. Open up Task Manager/Lock Computer/Switch User    [Ctrl+Alt+Del]

This shortcut opens up a screen where you can open task manager, change user, change your password or lock the computer. In Windows XP it merely opens up the task manager.

9. Switch between open applications                                 [Alt+Tab]

Allows you to switch between open applications. While keeping in the [Alt] key press [Tab] multiple times to scroll through your open applications.

10. Minimize all programs                                                        [Win+M]

This minimizes all programs and presents you with the desktop. The [Win] key is the button on your keyboard with the windows logo on it.

These are just some of the more common keyboard shortcuts. Feel free to share more in the comments below.


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